Creative space!

I love to do activities with the boys where I get to talk to them, and see them learn and understand how they’re thinking. But I also love to just watch them create without any rules.

One way I give them space to create is to place a large piece of poster paper on top of a kids spill cloth, masking tape both the paper and the cloth down and then put some drawing implements around and see what they make of it. Today we tried oil pastels. The oldest artist informed me this was ‘the world’!



Hi! I’m Claire, stay-at-home-mum to two gorgeous boys and a lovely girl. My kids are energetic, spirited and full-of-life, and they certainly keep me on my toes. I love spending time with them and seeing them learn and experience new things – I hope that this blog will give you ideas to try out on the children in your life!

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