Basic symmetry

My preschooler is very into building, blocks, lego, bricks – anything with an engineering or maths twist to it. And I love seeing him learn through his play. So I’ve introduced the concept of ‘symmetry’ to him. He doesn’t know he’s learning a maths concept. But he intuitively gets it. So I set him challenges to mirror a duplo design I’ve done, or make a symmetrical shape like the one above. It’s basic at this stage, but it’s great to get them really noticing what they’re doing and thinking about symmetry and reflections.


Hi! I’m Claire, stay-at-home-mum to two gorgeous boys and a lovely girl. My kids are energetic, spirited and full-of-life, and they certainly keep me on my toes. I love spending time with them and seeing them learn and experience new things – I hope that this blog will give you ideas to try out on the children in your life!

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