Fun with numbers 0-25!

Having a 4 year old and a not far off 2 year old, it can sometimes be hard to find activities that we can do together with my youngest destroying my eldest’s creation of similar. Both boys are into numbers, though clearly at very different levels. So I tried to think of an activity with some number cards that would entertain them both and not end in frustration. I got out cards for the numbers 0-25, and lay them on some mats. I then asked the boys to help me find the numbers in order. I got my preschooler to think about which number came next and then got them both to look for them. My toddler was great at finding the numbers up to 10, and we let him have the biggest go for these numbers. Then as the numbers got higher, it was my preschooler’s turn and my toddler lost interest (which was probably just as well!). I’ve got lots more ideas for these cards, but this was a fun way to start. Soon after we’d finished, my preschooler came out to the garden and asked to do it again!

If you want to have a go, here are links to the supplies we used. Please note that these are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase the items here I get a small commission at no cost to you.

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