Fire-breathing dragon candle!

I wanted to do something to do with dragons for our ‘China week’, and although I thought my son would enjoy an egg box dragon, I thought something with ‘fire’ would go down a treat! So I thought we could melt some candle wax from some old candles and use a dinosaur silicone mould that we had to make some fire-breathing dragon candles!

First I took some old candles, and placed them in a heatproof bowl and into a small saucepan with some boiling water on the hob. I melted the wax on a low heat, and my preschooler helped me to stir. It takes a while, and it’s important not to leave it unattended as molten wax can be pretty flammable (I would have a saucepan lid nearby just as a precaution).

I placed some candle wicks (that I’d got from amazon) into the mould, and tried to get them so they came out of the mouths of the dinosaurs. Once the wax was melted, I poured it into the moulds and left it overnight to set. Then…out came the candles.

I chose the one that looked most like a dragon, and got my boys involved. They thought it looked amazing! I showed them how to light a match, and then helped them both to do so (I held my toddler’s hand for this) – I leave this to your discretion for your own children. They took turns making the dragon ‘breathe fire’!

I then added a small science element to it. I took a large clear bowl and asked my preschooler what he thought would happen if I put it over the candle. He guessed that ‘the fire will go out as there won’t be any air’. Pretty good guess! The candle did go out and I explained that fire needs oxygen found in the air. They are now desperate to have another go at making the dragon breathe fire!

Here are the links to the supplies we used. Please note that these are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase them here I get a small commission at no cost to you.


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