Category: Activities

Our boys enjoy exploring a wide variety of fun activities, from arts and crafts to science experiments and messy play.  We find these activities to be a great way of spending time with them, and we enjoy seeing them learn more about the world around them!

Lactation cookies ready to eat 0

Gluten Free Lactation Cookies

Lactation cookies, for those yet to encounter this phenomina, are essentially a selection of ingredients commonly held to promote lactation baked into a sweet, oaty, cookie form.  Typical active ingredients held to have a...


Pumpkin candles!

With Halloween fast approaching, the boys have certainly noticed all the pumpkins, skeletons and spooky decorations around the place. We haven’t made it to a pick your own pumpkin place yet, but I decided...


The car book box

The car book box is something we have been doing for the last year or so…and it’s been such a success! I used a spare box that would otherwise have just been recycled, and...


Oobleck – fun with slime!

I’ve been wondering about trying oobleck with my preschooler for a while, but he’s not always receptive to new textures so I hadn’t yet taken the plunge. However with my toddler having a good...