Category: Arts and Crafts

Both of our boys enjoy arts and crafts, whether building fantastic constructions or adding a dash of colour to the latest masterpiece .  Our pre-schooler enjoys cutting, glueing and painting, and has managed to produce some quite respectable items.  Even our toddler gets in on the act, although it can have a tendancy to turn into messy play!  We also enjoy the time spent helping them, as well as making examples of our own to show them what to do – it can get a bit competitive at times!


Painting with ice cubes!

Painting with ice cubes. Such a simple activity, and so much fun to do when the weather is hot and sunny. For this activity, I simply put water and food colouring into an ice...


Dinosaur footprints with paint!

This craft combined dinosaurs, painting and messy play. My toddler loves painting, but rarely actually with the paintbrushes. He loves exploring different ways to apply paint to surfaces (not always desirable ones!). So I...


Crafting with old birthday cards!

It had recently been my birthday, and I was about to recycle some birthday cards. But it struck me that some of the designs were really pretty and it seemed a shame to put...


Footprint rocket painting!

My toddler (currently 20m) loves to have his feet and hands painted and make pictures with them. It’s fun to think of new pictures to make, but it’s also great for him to explore...


Simple rocket craft!

This was a very simple rocket craft we did for ‘space week’ using coloured card, scissors, glue and stickers. I made a sample one (literally took a few minutes), and then cut out the...


Painting the solar system

For our ‘space week’ we’ve been learning out our solar system. My son has got really into the planets. So I drew out a picture of the solar system for him. His first task...