Category: Science & Engineering

Both of our boys enjoy making things, taking things apart and generally finding out how the world works.  These science & engineering activities give them the opportunity to find out more about physics and chemistry while having lots of fun.  Mum and Dad are a mathematician and an engineer (so the boys never had much hope), and enjoy watching the boys learn while having a great time.  The boys have had hours of fun with these, and still talk about their favourites.


Understanding materials KS1

My 4yo and I have been looking at this book ‘Everyday Materials’ by Ruth Owen, and have started working through it. Today we looked at ‘materials’ – metal, wood, glass, plastic, wool and rock....


The unpoppable balloon!

This was a fun, and slightly scary, experiment to do with my preschooler! I filled two balloons, one with air, and one with some water and the rest air, to as close to the...


Making water bend with a balloon!

I love doing simple experiments with the boys that are fun and require little set up. My boys love balloons, so any experiments that involve balloons generally go down well. They are too young...


Rainbow smarties!

My preschooler loves science experiments. And he loves chocolate. So when I suggested a science experiment that involved chocolate, he was pretty excited! This smarties science experiment is entirely similar to the skittles experiment...