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Dinosaur footprints with paint!

This craft combined dinosaurs, painting and messy play. My toddler loves painting, but rarely actually with the paintbrushes. He loves exploring different ways to apply paint to surfaces (not always desirable ones!). So I...


Rainbow smarties!

My preschooler loves science experiments. And he loves chocolate. So when I suggested a science experiment that involved chocolate, he was pretty excited! This smarties science experiment is entirely similar to the skittles experiment...


Space-themed messy play!

I love to try and include a messy play activity in our themed weeks, as the boys just love it and it’s so good for them to get squishing, feeling, imagining and exploring. A...


Footprint rocket painting!

My toddler (currently 20m) loves to have his feet and hands painted and make pictures with them. It’s fun to think of new pictures to make, but it’s also great for him to explore...


Kitchen roll rocket craft!

This rocket craft was one of those spontaneous ones where my preschooler nabbed some recycling and decided he would make it into a rocket! Well who am I to stop his inner creator?! For...


Rocket biscuits for Space week!

I was really excited when our rocket cookie cutter arrived in the post. And even though we had made star biscuits for ‘Space week’ using this recipe – see my post making star biscuits...