Country-Themed Activities

Countries we have Visited

We have visited many countries around the world, and explored lots of fun activities in each! Here are all the places we have been; click on the flags to see all our activities!

US Flag America
Land of the free and the home of the brave! The United States is a huge country with over 300 million inhabitants.  We explored activities from the bustling city of New York to the Grand Canyon and beyond!
Australian Flag Australia
Fair dinkum mate! We had a great time exploring the land of Oz, from the glittering lights on Sydney Harbour to the big red roos of the outback.
Brazilian Flag Brazil
We journey from Rio de Janeiro to the deep heart of the Amazon rainforest!Come with us as we explore activities to help us learn about this exciting land, incuding a game of football or two along the way!
Chinese Flag China
The middle kingdom! Come with us as we travel from the streets of Beijing to the top of the largest man made structure in the world, seeing the sights and exploring lots of activities along the way!
Egyptian Flag Egypt
Land of the pharaohs and Jewel of the Nile! Come with us as we explore the history of this ancient land from the builders of the pyramids to the legend of the mummy!
English Flag England
From Stonehenge to the London Bus via Shakesphere, Dickens and the Tower of London!  Join in exciting activities and share in some traditional treats!
German Flag Germany
A country of mountains, magnificent scenery, tasty food and fantastic fairy tales!  Come with us as we explore, bake and drink our way through some particularly germanic activities!
Greek Flag Greece
From the legends of Ancient Greece to the Olymic games! We read the stories and explored a range of activities with medusa, pegasus, minotaurs and more!
Israeli Flag Israel
We travel through the lands of the Bible to understand their history,  culture and geography.  Come with us and explore interesting activities to help us learn about this desert land and the people who live there!
Italian Flag Italy
Mamma Mia! From the Romans through the Renaissance and on to pizza and the parties of Venice!  Share in our fun activities and great food as with travel and learn along the way!
Japanese Flag Japan
We tried lots of Japanese themed activites from origami and kimonos to chopsticks and green tea!  Join us as we chat to robots, learn calligraphy and watch mount Fuji erupt!
Russian Flag Russia
Come with us as we travel from St Basil’s Cathereral to the wastes of Siberia, taking in some ballet along with way!  We try out lots of Russian themed activities as we journey across one of the largest countries on earth!