Brazilian football!

Brazil is so famous for being a nation that is brilliant at football. So for our ‘Brazil week’, I thought we should create our own Brazilian football game. I didn’t anticipate the longevity of this activity and how much it would involve the whole family!

First off, we set about making our Brazilian footballers using craft sticks. I made one – orginally named Pele – and then put the pieces out for my preschooler to make his (named Sam). We made a little football by painting blobs of black on a white pingpong ball.

Next we made our goals out of lego. We talked about what they had to achieve i.e. deep enough for the ball to go in, and what sort of shape, and my son developped the one on the left. Not bad!

Next up we took a cardboard box and cut off the lid to create our pitch. I would maybe have liked to paint it green, but my son was impatient to try out his game at this point so we didn’t get that far! We played this game for a long while. My son still had stamina so we got his grandmother involved and they had a wonderful time playing together! I don’t think we will be putting this away for a while…

If you would like to make this football game, here is a link to the supplies we used. Please note that these are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase the items here I get a small commission at no cost to you.





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