Hadrian’s wall!

Hadrian’s Wall happened to be on the news in the week we were ‘visiting’ England, and it sparked a ‘let’s make that ourselves’ thought! (I find that happens a lot…)

Stage one was to collect lots of rocks, which we did when we were out and about. We then washed them and laid them on a tray to dry.

Then came the wall building. We tried to fit the pieces together well, but dry-stone walling with a 4yo can be a tad challenging, so I let him run with it a bit and just see what sort of wall he ended up with.

I think he did pretty well! It was several layers high and he certainly got the idea of piecing it together like a jigsaw. My preschooler then wanted to see if it would stop water going through like a dam, so I thought we would test out his idea…

Needless to say, water went straight through but we talked about how that would be useful for a wall to stop one side getting very water-logged. Lots of fun!


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