Slaying a dragon for St. George’s Day!

We decided to take another ‘visit’ to England for St. George’s Day. And what else could we do but slay a dragon?! So our first task was to create a fearsome dragon to slay. I used an old sheet that I stretched out in the garden, and then drew a very rough outline of a dragon. My boys were tasked with painting him. They chose to do so with their hands and feet!

Once our dragon was dry, I used some masking tape and put him up on the side of the shed. The boys then had to slay him with a sword I quickly cut out from a cardboard box. We decided ‘slay’ meant ‘remove the sheet from the shed’. We had so much fun with this. The dragon had to come back to life to be fought again many times, and a few times the dragon ‘ate the boys’ (i.e. they got engulfed by the sheet) which they thought was hilarious! I’m under strict instructions not to wash the sheet as they want to do this again tomorrow…

If you want to have a go, here is a link to the paint we used. Please note that this is an affiliate link, which means that if you purchase the paint here I get a small commission at no cost to you.



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