St. Basil’s Cathedral made from cakes!

One of the most iconic buildings in Russia is St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. I think the coloured onion-domes are so beautiful. I was trying to think of what I could do with my preschooler to recreate St. Basil’s Cathedral in a unique way and decided that some baking and piping were in order!

First, we made the cupcakes using this recipe, although we left them un-iced. We then made up some butter icing using this recipe.

Next came the construction. We used the picture from the This week we are visiting Russia post as a guide, and the butter icing as our glue.

We then coloured the butter icing into various colours – my toddler ‘helped’ out at this point (i.e. he mostly ate icing!). Next came the piping. I decided that I would opt for letting my preschooler have complete artistic control and a really good go, rather than being too precious about the end result (I don’t know if you can tell?!). I showed him some basic piping. I wouldn’t say Mary Berry will be offering him a place on Bake Off, but not bad for a 4yo! He does now think we should make every iconic landmark out of cakes…


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