Rainbow smarties!

My preschooler loves science experiments. And he loves chocolate. So when I suggested a science experiment that involved chocolate, he was pretty excited! This smarties science experiment is entirely similar to the skittles experiment that we did previously, but hey, when they’re young, it’s good to do things again and again and they learn a little bit more each time.

As with the skittles, I simply arranged some smarties around the bottom of a bowl and poured in some water. Then waited for the colour to start coming off the smarties and produce a very pretty pattern. The colours weren’t as vibrant as for the skittles – maybe next time I would use more smarties and a smaller bowl. But still very pretty. For more about the science, read here.

My preschooler just couldn’t help himself swirling it at the end. And yes, he did eat soggy smarties afterwards!

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